SNIPPTEC for Commercial Vehicles

Fuel economy and performance improvement for commercial vehicles

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The EcoKit System

The SNIPPTEC EcoKit is comprised of components especially developed for the engine and chassis of commercial vehicles. The focus is on reducing fuel consumption by increasing the combustion efficiency. The Snipptec EcoKit does not interfere with the engine mechanics and electronics. Therefore, the vehicle’s original warranty provisions are retained.


Advantages of the SNIPPTEC EcoKit:

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Lower maintenance and operating costs by lessening the wear on air and oil filters, tires, turbo, engine and transmission
  • Lower emissions due less gear changes, better combustion and reduced rolling resistance
  • Improved driving dynamics through more torque at lower speeds and quicker acceleration
  • Better driving comfort through quieter engine operation and greater stability due to more grip (safety)
  • No change to the mechanics and electronics, keeping the engine “original” (consequently, the manufacturer’s warranty is valid under statutory provisions)
  • Universally applicable, regardless of the manufacturer


All the benefits listed above lead to a reduction in fuel consumption.

User Reviews

Thomas Jakstadt, Managing Director TOJA Nutzfahrzeuge

AAfter initially being sceptic about the system, I quickly understood which revolutionary invention this must be, if the promised results were even close to being achieved. Read more


Joachim Aust, Fleet Manager, MeisterWerke Schulte GmbH, Meiste

I was first confronted with the system at the end of 2008 and was initially very skeptical. Read more


Michael Linser, Managing Director Linser Industrie Service GmbH, St. Augustin

We are a medium sized company which specializes in the delivery of spare parts for civil engineering companies. Read more


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The Engine

Through the targeted control of the combustion chamber pressure, the SNIPPTEC system is able to optimize the fuel combustion. This is achieved while maintaining or improving the legal emission limits, and serves, among other things, to reduce fuel consumption.
The SNIPPTEC system reduces the electrostatic and dynamic fields of the engine, resulting in lowered internal engine friction. When engine friction is reduced by just 0.5%, for instance, the fuel consumption is lowered by approximately 3%. The positive impact of the SNIPPTEC system can be observed not only in lab tests, but equally important, in the driving dynamics of the vehicle.


The Chassis

SNIPPTEC is able to reduce vibrations and resonances directly at their source by affecting the physics of the materials. As it relates to the chassis and the tires of a vehicle, this leads to a reduction in rolling resistance and hence to reduced tire wear/extended tire life. Moreover, the risk of aquaplaning is significantly minimized.

The Fuel

The SNIPPTEC system is able to minimize the internal resistances and increase the filling degree as well as the air quality in the combustion chamber. However, in order to achieve the best possible oxidation within the combustion chamber, it is also necessary to produce a maximum reaction of fuel and air. For this purpose, components have been developed that also have a purely physical effect. These components ensure that the energy level of the fuel is raised and thus the reactivity with the air is improved. The improved efficiency and higher energy density of the fuel result in softer, better and more complete combustion, which produces noticeably more torque.

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