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New paths in materials research

Reino Eskelinen MSWE 2019 | 3:36 min
In the lecture of Reino Eskelinen it is about a new technology approach, with which one is able to change materials purposefully in their characteristics. The possibilities of the changes are almost infinite, offer a large potential and open completely new ways in the material research.

Auto & Wissen - tested

Here you can read a report from the magazine "Auto & Wissen", which reports about a test with our converters (click on pictures).

Auto & Wissen – tested

Here you can read a report from the magazine "Auto & Wissen", which reports about a test with our converters (click on pictures).

Michael Voß

Head of technical office service, Ruwac Industriesauger GmbH

After 700 km now my first report about the snipped Yeti 2,0 TDI 81 kW.
Beside the measured torque curve (higher torque, smoother curve than the original), my subjective impression is:
• More smooth running
• More torque
• Better throttle response
• Better steering behaviour

The car can be steered more precisely, the steering force is somewhat reduced, the directional stability is improved. All without sacrificing driving comfort.
Another observation: the regeneration phases of the diesel particulate filter are now less frequent, in my opinion a sign of cleaner combustion.

The driving feeling: after the car (engine and tyres) had been snipped, I often drove too fast in the first two days. The reduction of the background noise due to the smoother running made me think of a lower "felt" speed. With a Yeti with this engine you may not speak of agility, but with the higher torque especially at low revs, the more precise steering and easier steerability, the car is now more agile especially in urban traffic.

In short: I am thrilled!

Translated with

Reino Eskelinen/Reino Race Consulting

(former motorcycle racer in the motorcycle world championship; 30 years of vehicle development with various car and motorcycle manufacturers)

I had my first contact with Snipptec at the Motorsport World Expo in Cologne 2018. As organizer of the lectures at the fair, Professor Dr. Ralph Pütz reported about a sensational result in aerodynamics in the wind tunnel through the Snipptec technology, which made me sit up and take notice. Since I currently have an ongoing development project at a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, I immediately recognized the potential.
During a following meeting my private vehicle (SUV) was modified. After 15 minutes the boys had provided the chassis and the engine with a few components. The result was more than amazing for me as an experienced NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) developer. The diesel engine immediately ran much quieter and is now more like a petrol engine. The pull-through of the engine before started original at approx. 2000min-1. After the modification this torque already built up at !!!1500min-1!!!! The quite tight, original chassis they should tune me a little softer. Also here there were immediately noticeable changes, which were to be felt clearly in the steering wheel. Cobblestone pavement drives itself now rather like asphalted! It was simply stunning, what an effect can be achieved with such small measures.
Since the company has found a completely new way to modify materials, virtually any vehicle, at any level, can be optimized.
In my 30 years of professional experience I have never experienced anything like it!

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralph Pütz

Institute for Applied Commercial Vehicle Research and Exhaust Gas Analysis (BELICON GmbH) at the Landshut University of Applied Sciences

The contact to the company Snipptec was made by an acquaintance from the motor sport area. During the first visit our workshop car (MB Sprinter) was optimized by the company Snipptec. In particular the engine optimization became so clearly noticeable that I as a scientist wanted to learn more about this topic. This prompted us to investigate Snipptec's AERO converters in a wind tunnel as part of a bachelor's thesis. In a "double-blind study" a change in the aerodynamic efficiency of a Formula 3 rear wing could be measured. It was particularly interesting that, depending on the "converter" used, the aerodynamic efficiency could be improved, but also worsened.

Marco P. Rudolf, A1 engineering AG, Switzerland

After my friend had tested the system already successfully he talked to me about it enthusiastically. I was intrigued and interested in testing the system as well.
As a former Porsche Cup race driver I was completely amazed and thrilled by the test. Now I use the Snipptec system successfully for various racing or regular cars.
The enthusiasm is so great that we decided to become the exclusive distributor for Switzerland.
An innovative product with a great potential for the future!

HaJo Pillich, engineer and race driver

I got to know SNIPPTEC at the Bilster Berg-Owners-Club driving days. My BMW 235iR was prepared very quick by specialists of suspension, weight and aerodynamic. The ambitious goal was on the nature built course to drive a lap time under 1:50.000 which is not easy to reach! I am afraid, but I missed my goal of more than one second. Than I met SNIPPTEC the first time. I am an critical engineer and I didn´t believe that this stuff can work on a race car! But in the end as long as it brings no disadvantage I was amenable to try it. Than the guys put the stuff on the rims first. After few hundred meters I felt the difference and a much better driveability. Because I always drive without any electronical assistance I was able to feel the better car performance. After that modification I missed the goal of around 2/10 of a second. Therefor they did the next step of modification, the engine. This leverage me to drive my fastest lap of 1:49.665, my best lap ever! The car own dynamics are significant reduced, the car is more calm which gives me a better feeling for the car. There is no other faster BMW235iR at the Bilster Berg. Thanks to SNIPPTEC!

Micha Vogt, race driver 1/4 Mile and owner of the Race Antz-Speed-Shop

At a trade fair in Essen I met the managing director of the company Snipptec. There we discussed the possibilities to start a business for modifying American cars. I thought the idea, not to alter the originality of the vehicles, was great and therefore agreed on a test. What then happened, however, has exceeded all my expectations. If you have ever driven an American classic cars, you know how imprecise the handling of the cars is. At my Chevy Nova, we first modified the chassis and then the engine. Every change gave me reason for celebration! It was really incredible! After this experience I decided to sell the products of Snipptec in my Race Antz Speed-Shop for American cars.

Martin Kohlhaas, Managing Director racing one

Since this year (2016) we started a cooperation with the company Snipptec. This company has not only a very good system but also utilize their expertise in chassis tuning and vehicle dynamics. The opportunities arising from this new technology allows us to balance the car completely neutral for the racetrack. All drivers are elated by the Snipptec system because the car is easier to control at its limit! Of course, the learning curve at the beginning is big. However if one has understood to use the system in its entirety, it is possible to extend the limits of the car significantly!

Sabine Schmitz †, Professional Driver and Presenter

My first contact with SNIPPTEC occurred at the VLN (Association of Nürburgring Endurance Cup Organisers). The guys from SNIPPTEC had been working on the [Porsche] GT3R all day when I was allowed to move the car for the first time. Until then, I did not really have a good understanding of what they were planning to do. “This is not a race car, this is a space shuttle” and “Give me a 7th gear” were my first spontaneous comments via radio to the box, when I drove the car.
“Now that SNIPPTEC has also modified the [Porsche] GT3 RS, driving the Döttinger Höhe at 300 km/h [188 m/h] is no problem! In addition, I can now get an extra round out of a full tank!

Matthias Dolderer, Pilot Red Bull Air Race

The SNIPPTEC team introduced itself to us in 2014. The personal chemistry between us race drivers was immediate, but I was initially very skeptical about the system. However, we decided to give it a try, to figure out how the system performs. During fair weather, I flew a few a few air acrobatics with my old RedBull Air-Race Airplane and tried to determine the stall speed at the limit [without the SNIPPTEC system]. As a first step, they only installed the system to the wings of the airplane and I took off again. To my great surprise, the stall speed dropped by several knots. As a second step, the guys also installed the system in the engine. During takeoff, I immediately noticed a quicker liftoff. I landed again after a few minutes, opened the cockpit, and exclaimed “Amazing!”

Patrick Kirfel, Suspension specialist for all Renault RS models at the Nürburgring

A few months ago a friendly race team came up to me and told me about a new technology that they have in use since 2014. Curious, I was and wanted to know more. So I met the company SNIPPTEC to start with them a try. The difference was so serious that we have now decided to offer these systems to our customers. Since then we have been able to successfully equip some vehicles with this system.

Autohaus Kirfel GbR
Renault am Nürburgring
Gartenstraße 13
53518 Adenau/Germany

Mathias Schläppi, Schläppi Race-Tec GmbH

As part of the VLN we tested at the end of the 2014 season the SNIPPTEC system. Actually I had already formed my opinion about the operation in advance. ... And my opinion against the system was not positive! But then we went to the track with old, worn tires. My driver Holger Goedicke and I tested in alternation. The result not only amazed us, but made us both speechless. The front, good used tires were getting better rather than worse in the performance. After two laps on the Nordschleife there was another level of grip, which could be compared with new tires. After continuous use of the SNIPPTEC technology, we can find a significant reduction in tire wear even now. In addition, the tire picture was further improved. Chapeau!

Alpenstrasse 6
CH-3627 Heimberg

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