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This is it! Axxios Technology SA. enters official partnership with Snipptec.
Axxios was a long-standing competitor of Snipptec in the market of material optimization. After personal talks, both sides quickly realized that a joint cooperation could better meet customer needs. Therefore, Axxios will expand the distribution of Snipptec products in the regions of Western Switzerland, France and Spain with immediate effect. As an experienced company in the field of material optimization it will be a strong partner at our side. At the beginning Axxios will be supported by Manfred Zaisberger (Liechtenstein).
The realization that our products offer a multitude of greater possibilities than the products Axxios has been using so far was demonstrated at the end of last year by the presentation of Prof. Dr. Ralph Pütz at the Motorsport World Exhibition in Cologne. There, Prof. Pütz spoke about the great influence of the aerodynamic changes caused by the Snipptec technology and its fields of application.
The expansion enables us as a company to conquer completely new markets and also customers in the future.
We are looking forward to a long lasting, cooperative partnership with Axxios Technologie SA. The company is represented by the two founders Jacques-Alain and Isabelle Lehmann. Further information is available at


Gesnippt – Frikadelli Racing wins the 9h race Kyalami

The Frikadelli Racing Team has won the the Kyalami 9 Hours after a thrilling finale. Nick Tandy, Dennis Olsen and Mathieu Jaminet gave the team of team boss Klaus Abbelen a perfect end to the season. In addition to the overall victory, they could also look forward to two championship titles in the Intercontinental GT Challenge. Thus, Dennis Olsen secured the victory in the drivers' standings and Porsche triumphed at the manufacturers. A detailed report follows ...


Ralph Pütz on SNIPPTEC: »Chiptuning« to improve aerodynamic efficiency?

Nov 13th, 2019, 2 pm: Lecture at the Professional MotorSport World Expo in Cologne
Optimizing aerodynamic efficiency is the key to improving lap times, along with chassis tuning. For some time now, chip tuning has been regarded as an effective method. It is intended to change the material properties by introducing electrical energy into a material, thereby generating periodic charge shifts. But does this really work? Measurements on wing profiles in the wind tunnel should provide clarity.

Ralph Pütz is Chairman and Managing Director of the University of Landshut/Belicon GmbH.


Gesnippt – 5th place in Budapest for Francois LeVot

Francois LeVot was able to reach the Round of 8 in his fourth race for the third time and thus collect valuable Championship points. Last year, LeVot was on the last place in the championship and without a single point. The whole team improved from race to race. Thus, the potential of the aircraft can be better utilized. At least the flyer's dynamics are so conspicuous that this was registered by other teams which make now their first inquiries to Snipptec ☺.


Gesnippt – Return of Snipptec at Frikadlli Racing

Since the third race of the season (23/06) Snipptec and the Frikadelli Racing Team are working together again. Even if the performance increase in both cars is obvious and the first successes could already be achieved right away, there is still a lot of setup work waiting for the team and Snipptec to be permanently in the lead again. Please read the full report here.


Gesnippt – Andreas Jost: Victory in Dijon and third place in Donington (European Championship)

The opening race in Dijon started promisingly for Andreas Jost. After a first place in the first race and second place in the second race Andreas secured first place in the overall standings. The start of the European Championship took place from 01-03 / 06 in Donington (UK). After a major engine failure already in free practice, the conditions were not exactly positive. The lost track time was noticeable in the set-up finding and so Andreas was able to adjust the race car for the upcoming races and qualifying only roughly. Nevertheless, he managed to put his vehicle in first place in the second qualifying. In the overall standing of qualifying this was enough for second place. In both races, however, the lack of track time and thus the not optimal set up for the race became noticeable. However, Andreas was able to finish both races in third place and is therefore in third place for the remaining European Championship races. The next race will take place on the first weekend of August (03-05 / 08) in Assen.


Gesnippt – RedBull AirRace: Francois LeVot is using the Snipptec System for the 2018 season

Snipptec takes another chance to sponsor the RedBull AirRace and also sponsors Francois LeVot. Last year December, we were invited to the base of Francois LeVot in Camarque to modify his plane with the Snipptec system. In 2017, Francois LeVot could not get a single championship point during the season and finished last in the World Cup. With the goal of bringing LeVot to the Round of 8 on a regular basis, the Snipptec team has set itself an ambitious goal. Of course, we also secretly want to finish one or the other races on the podium. Already in the first race in Abu Dhabi Francois LeVot was able to show the potential of the Snipptec modified plane. In the Round of 14, he even flew the third fastest time. Although he was not able to repeat this result in the Round of 8, the team was satisfied with the overall result and is looking forward to the next race, which takes place from 20. – 22.04.2018 in Cannes. Here are the results


Gesnippt – Suter Racing at SWISS-MOTO with Snipptec

At SWISS-MOTO 2018 (trade fair), Suter Racing launched the newly developed Suter MMX 500. This 500cm^3 two-stroke Beast is only made for the real racers. With almost 200 hp at minimum weight this is a flashback to the good old times. Last autumn, we tested with Suter Racing in Brno (CZ) and left a lasting impression at the CEO himself with our technology.

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Snipptec – Future Technology Tested

As part of the Driving Dynamics Week of the Swiss Association of Automotive Vocational Schools (SVBA) at the Buochs airfield (NW), the Snipptec technology was tested. In doing so, the promises of the system of the company Snipptec were checked with the help of a well-known Swiss racing driver. Also an explanation, understandable for everyone, finds itself


Gesnippt – Step1 Project: Aerodynamics Test

As part of the test runs of the Step 1 project on the Bilster Berg, Snipptec took the opportunity to try out the modified aerodynamic converter on the Step1 race car. Sven Arth (professional driver - ADAC GT Masters) drove the car. The measured data was one thing, but the subjective perception was again so clear that Sven even in the "mousetrap" (special part of the track) got problems to steer the car at all through the curve, since the downforce had increased significantly. "Now you need arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger" was his comment !

Read morer:


Gesnippt – Andreas Jost - Supercart: Double victory and runner-up

After the European Championships in Assen, the last two rounds of the French championship took place in Dijon (FR). However, Andreas Jost was able to clinch a double victory with a well-running engine (we reported) and thus twice put Peter Elkmann in second place. In the overall standings Jost could thus secure the runner-up title behind Elkmann.

Read the full report at:


Gesnippt – Andreas Jost, Superkart EM

From 04. August until 06.August 2017 the second round of the CIK FIA European Championship took place in Assen (NL) within the Gamma Racing Days in front of more than 100,000 spectators. This is the first event where Snipptec was present to assist Andreas Jost to increasing the performance of his supercart. After the not very good runs 1 & 2 in Donington (GB) for the European Championships, 1 x dropout and 1 x 6th place the pace should be improved significantly. The focus this weekend was to harmonize the chassis, after the first engine problems were already noticeable during the free practice. The engine problems dragged on throughout the whole weekend.
Comparing the best race laps of the years 2016 and 2017 you can clearly see the increased performance in the curves. However, the comparison also reflects the poor performance of the engine. The blue curve indicates the lap time of 2017, the red curve of 2016. You can see the significantly higher cornering speed caused by Snipptec's optimized aerodynamics and tires.
Despite the poor engine performance, Andreas Jost was able to achieve second place in the first race and the absolutely fastest race lap. In the second race, Jost was able to prevail in the race after a difficult start and shortened the gap to Elkmann in the second half of the race to three seconds and again retake the 2nd place. Read the full report at the following link:


Gesnippt – New lap record in Hockenheim

The cooperation between AC Schnitzer and Snipptec continues to bear fruit. Now, after generating the fastest lap time in a BMW ever together with AC Schnitzer (we already reported the story) a new record of a diesel was set up. The Snipptec modified ACS1 5.0d, needed only 1:13,8 min. for a full round on the small course in Hockenheim. Read the full report: Auto, Motor und Sport
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Gesnippt – Andreas Schranz undercarriage specialist from Switzerland has tested Snipptec products

Regarding the report in the current issue of "Street Magazine", Snipptec received a good response and impressed some customers for the Snipptec optimized chassis. One of these contacts turned out to be a true chassis specialist. Andreas Schranz was interested in more details and tried out the system on his BMW 118d. In the following link you can read his results.


Gesnippt – Unknown Champions

This news brief is addressed to all racing teams that we have equipped with our system this year, but we were not allowed to name them for various reasons. We congratulate our "unknown champions" for their success in their correspondent competitions.


Gesnippt- Dolderer takes his first world championship with SNIPPTEC

Matthias Dolderer (MD21) takes his first world championship during the last weekend. A fantastic performance, because he was able to secure the title with a race win before finishing the season. At the weekend nobody was able to match his times. The performance of the plane and pilot was unbeatable. Snipptec supported MD21 over the hole season and increased the performance significantly. This is also the first world championship title for Snipptec.


Gesnippt – RTL2 reported in a TV show twice over with Snipptec modified vehicles

In episode 376 of GRIP – the Motormagazin two reports of racecars were shown which were modified with the Snipptec system.
On the one hand it was reported how Red Bull Air Race pilot Matthias Dolderer competes with his with Snipptec modified plane against a Porsche 918. The silver stripes on the wings clearly shows the Snipptec system.

On the other hand RTL2 reported on the two Snipptec supported dragster race driver Michael Vogt and Gerd Habermann. Both were competing in the ¼ mile drag race.

Entertaining broadcast for lunch.


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