SNIPPTEC Industrial Solutions

• Chassis and tire optimization
• Vibration and noise optimization



Improved performance and driving dynamics for racing teams and car enthusiasts


SNIPPTEC for Commercial Vehicles

Fuel economy and performance improvement for commercial vehicles



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The increase in race pace and the driveability of the limit of a racing car is the central theme of the company SNIPPTEC. The SNIPPTEC RaceKit consists of specially developed components for a racecar’s engine, chassis and aerodynamics. The components’ impact on the vehicle is synchronized so that the car is optimized in its entirety, resulting in significantly enhanced driving dynamics and improved performance. The SNIPPTEC RaceKit does not interfere with existing engine mechanics and electronics – working entirely within the framework of statutory warranty guidelines. Consequently, the warranty provisions of the car manufacturer are retained.

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Frikadelli Snipptec 
LKW Sniptec

SNIPPTEC for Commercial Vehicles

The SNIPPTEC EcoKit contains engine and chassis components specially developed for commercial vehicles. The focus here is on saving fuel in the vehicle and increasing fuel efficiency. Here, too, material refinement is carried out exclusively by external use, whereby the originality of the components is not affected and guarantee conditions of the manufacturers are maintained.

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Basis of the theory


By introducing thermal, electrical but also mechanical energy into a material, changing dipoles are generated by periodic shifts of charges. As a result, material-specific electromagnetic waves (oscillations) are always generated. These waves are formed in the near field as electric and magnetic longitudinal waves (noise).


What does the longitudinal wave do in materials?

They characterize the specific property of the material and decisively determine the chemical and physical properties of the material (e.g. its vibration behavior or strength). 


What does Snipptec change?

By modulating the programmed information, Snipptec is able to influence the electric and magnetic longitudinal waves in the material. We use different programming techniques to achieve the desired material properties.


How does this happen?

Snipptec has several externally mounted programmed converters which allow a fast further development of the components to be modified/optimized. There are various materials for series application which can be incorporated into the product.


How can we help you?

Snipptec is always at your disposal for advice. Give us a call and let us know what you still have unanswered questions. We would be happy to visit you and clarify in a personal conversation whether we can help you.

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