In September of 2010 I heard through the company Witteler about a new system which apparently saves fuel in vehicles and heating systems. After a short test with SNIPPTEC, we installed the systems in two company vehicles and in one modern Viessman heating system. The results from the company vehicles were quickly available and convinced me. However, the results from the installation into the heating system are amazing. We compared the energy input at the flowmeter with the energy output (sum of all individual values at digital unit counters) before and after the installation of the system. We were able to measure a long term savings effect of 25%. Simply unbelievable, we were able to save almost 1,800 liters (475 gallons) of heating oil. For the first time ever, we were returning money to our tenants because their pre-payment was too high. This despite the fact that oil prices had increased. Ina addition, we have noticed that the burner no longer needs to be cleaned, apparently incineration is a lot cleaner.

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