Due to the constant increases in energy costs, we are always on the lookout for technical solutions to counterbalance this trend. There are many companies on the market that make grand promises on paper and don’t deliver, so our immediate question was “does this really work?” SNIPPTEC, represented by Mr. Andreas Gesslein and engineer Ferenc Zsengeller, convinced us not only with their impressive references and customer testimonials, to take this product seriously but demonstrated to me, the person in charge of the technical department in Linz, the capabilities of the system by installing it into my company car, a Mitsubishi Outlander Diesel. The change was immediate. The typical “Diesel knock” was gone. Despite the fact that my car was already well driven in, I have always had an issue with the acceleration, some “turbo lag” was present. The installation of the SNIPPTEC systems resulted in an immediate increase of torque at the lower rpm range. However, what excited me even more, was the improved engine elasticity and the much earlier throttle response of the engine, regardless of load level. I was able to test the system on my daily commute from the office to my home (27.2 km). I was able to reduce my fuel consumption consistently by 1 liter (from 8.5l/100km to 7.5l/100km). For me as a technician, the effects and results of this system, such as efficiency and economy are very real and noticeable.

DMC Firewall is developed by Dean Marshall Consultancy Ltd