I got to know SNIPPTEC at the Bilster Berg-Owners-Club driving days. My BMW 235iR was prepared very quick by specialists of suspension, weight and aerodynamic. The ambitious goal was on the nature built course to drive a lap time under 1:50.000 which is not easy to reach! I am afraid, but I missed my goal of more than one second. Than I met SNIPPTEC the first time. I am an critical engineer and I didn´t believe that this stuff can work on a race car! But in the end as long as it brings no disadvantage I was amenable to try it. Than the guys put the stuff on the rims first. After few hundred meters I felt the difference and a much better driveability. Because I always drive without any electronical assistance I was able to feel the better car performance. After that modification I missed the goal of around 2/10 of a second. Therefor they did the next step of modification, the engine. This leverage me to drive my fastest lap of 1:49.665, my best lap ever! The car own dynamics are significant reduced, the car is more calm which gives me a better feeling for the car. There is no other faster BMW235iR at the Bilster Berg. Thanks to SNIPPTEC!

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