Head of technical office service, Ruwac Industriesauger GmbH

After 700 km now my first report about the snipped Yeti 2,0 TDI 81 kW.
Beside the measured torque curve (higher torque, smoother curve than the original), my subjective impression is:
• More smooth running
• More torque
• Better throttle response
• Better steering behaviour

The car can be steered more precisely, the steering force is somewhat reduced, the directional stability is improved. All without sacrificing driving comfort.
Another observation: the regeneration phases of the diesel particulate filter are now less frequent, in my opinion a sign of cleaner combustion.

The driving feeling: after the car (engine and tyres) had been snipped, I often drove too fast in the first two days. The reduction of the background noise due to the smoother running made me think of a lower "felt" speed. With a Yeti with this engine you may not speak of agility, but with the higher torque especially at low revs, the more precise steering and easier steerability, the car is now more agile especially in urban traffic.

In short: I am thrilled!

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