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Below we have a selection of testimonials from our customers. For the correctness and completeness, we assume no liability.

Manfred Wollgarten, Technical Manager AC Schnitzer

As part of our BMW M4 project the company Snipptec was invited by AC Schnitzer. This should prove the BMW M4 and in several planned trials show what they can. After an input drive in its original state the first components were installed on the tires, wheels and chassis. Quick, there was a marked change in vehicle dynamics in curves. The stability and controllability of the vehicle increased considerably. Also, the higher grip in the corners was very noticeable. Following even the engine has been modified. Exceptional was the increase in torque in the lower and especially in the upper speed range. The result showed afterwards in the test with the magazine Sport Auto on the small track in Hockenheim. Here you could drive a new BMW tuner AC Schnitzer lap record. With a new lap record could clearly distance itself from the competition in this test.

Sven Böckmann, Head of Racing Commitments, Data Engineer

Mid-race 2014 season came a friendly engineer to me and told me about his incredible experience with the technology of SNIPPTEC. Since I come from the field of vehicle development of a large OEM I've often had time to deal with new systems that had promised an improvement or optimization. Even in the first test kilometers my driver felt a change in driving behavior, in particular the "mid- Corner- understeer" which we were not satisfied with our former Porsche 997 GT3 Cup. For the driver was very noticeable how the improvements built lap after lap. So we could see not only an improvement in lap times at the end of the test, we were able to recognize the increase of lateral acceleration Motec- data system. To date, I have the LG chips can still verify to other vehicles and with other riders and I am curious what else will be possible with SNIPPTEC.

Christian Schmitz, Professional Driver

I first heard of SNIPPTEC at the end of 2014 through my team at the time, “Black Falcon”. As the current “Black Falcon Junior”, I was supposed the test the SNIPPTEC system during a VLN race on behalf of the Black Falcon team. The changes in the chassis were already very impressive and I could immediately notice an improvement in the [tire] grip. What I found interesting was the change in the system over several laps. From the first lap, I noticed an improvement in the initial stroke steering. The grip level on the front axis improved with increasing lap counts, so that the typical understeering on the Grand Prix track, particularly in the area of the Mercedes Arena, never occurred. I was thus able to quickly generate a few tens of a seconds in savings, and significantly improve my lap time.

Achim Heukemes, Professional Extreme Athlete

I have the SNIPPTEC system installed on my bike and used it, for example, during a training tour of the USA. The technology has significantly reduced the rolling resistance, thus reducing the amount of physical effort I have to spend – certainly not an unimportant factor, considering that each of my tours covers several thousand kilometers. The frame of the bike is more stable, which results in an improved driving experience. My overall conclusion: I was completely satisfied and have no hesitation recommending the system.

Tobias Odewald, Matthias Dolderer Race Team Technician

SNIPPTEC turned middle of 2014 as a new potential sponsor for us in the Red Bull Air Race. First, we looked at the guys from SNIPPTEC with their exceptional product a little skeptical. However, the products to the plane of Matthias and on my car showed a clear change so that we invited them equal to Vegas for the next race. The result was in Las Vegas for us with a podium more than satisfactory. Great job guys and thanks for the support!

Patrick Huisman, 4 times Porsche Supercup Champion

My initial contact with the SNIPPTEC system was through Frikadelli Racing. For the first race, we initially tested the engine optimization during the free practice session. This immediately excited me, as the engine acceleration improved noticeably. It took a little while before we were able to determine the right setup for the chassis. However, once we had determined the right setup, we immediately noticed a significant improvement of the grip level. It is interesting how even the smallest modification in the installation of the SNIPPTEC system will significantly change the vehicle dynamics. I find it fascinating that SNIPPTEC is able to adjust the hardness of the chassis without touching a single screw. I’m completely convinced.

Erik Meyer, Data EngineerFrikadelli Racing

At the beginning of the year, I got introduced to the SIPPTEC system. One by one, the individual system components were installed into the vehicle. Each component delivered measurable results for the Frikadelli Porsche  (911 GT3 R). The optimization of the motor resulted in a better acceleration and a higher average speed on the straight parts of the race track. In addition, we were able to measure fuel savings of approximately 0.8 liters per 25 km. Through the optimization of the chassis, average speed in slow and mid speed bends increased. Lateral acceleration increased by up to 0.35G! After another optimization of the aerodynamics, speed in fast bends increased and lateral acceleration improved by up to 0.3G.

Daniel Schrey, Racer in various racing classes

I was initially skeptical when a race driver I know enthusiastically introduced me to the SNIPPTEC system. But I was generally open to this new technology, so I gave it a try. We participated with a K1 Porsche in the supporting events at the 24h race at the Nürburgring. We utilized this opportunity for a test and were able to increase our personal record time by several seconds over the 25 km (15.6 miles) race track. However, even more important to me was the ability to playfully drive the K1 to its limit. Thus we could see the biggest gain in the average lap time. A perfect system for endurance racing.

Dr. Eddy Althoff, Race Driver and VLN Veteran

My race engineer first confronted me with the SNIPPTEC system during the 2014 Eifel race on the Nürburgring. We went through our standard program of events and drove the first training as usual [without the SNIPPTEC system]. However, after the first training, my race engineer showed up with the SNIPPTEC system components. Discussions and question marks ensued when he proceeded to install them into my RSR. The time from the second training was set. The clock showed a lap time improvement that I better don’t mention here. What was particularly “crazy’”, was the impact the chassis components of the system had on grip. And the steering power of the front axle increased so much, that it was nearly impossible for me to hold on to the steering wheel of my RSR without power steering.

Paul Becher, Managing Director Ravenol Deutschland

Initially, I had an extremely skeptical attitude towards the SNIPPTEC products. My skepticism only increased, once they showed me with which “voodoo products” they were claiming to achieve the performance improvements. Well, my comment after thoroughly testing the SNIPPTEC system was “My vehicle (Audi Q7, 3.0 TDI) now has the dynamic of an ICE [Inter City Express; Germany’s high speed train], and now only uses 8.5liters/100km … and I don’t always drive slowly!

Martin Huning, Director Motorsports Ravenol

I have had the SNIPPTEC systems installed in my vehicle for quite some time. What I find most remarkable, is the improved pulling power of the engine. The engine has more power across the entire rpm range. Everything seems more harmonic and feels like one unit. Fuel consumption has gone down as well. I’m convinced and can only recommend it!

Daniel Hentschel, European Superkart Champion 2010 - 2013

My first contact with the SNIPPTEC system occurred in 2009. The initial results surprised me. In prior years, I had already competed successfully among the top third of the Supercart series. In 2010 I was able to benefit from the full system and became the superior European Champion of the “European Superkart Series”. A recent result from the racing weekend in the Lausitz shows the superiority of the SNIPPTEC system. I was able to achieve a new lap record. A time of 1:43.774 means that I was exactly 1.8 seconds faster than the rest of the field.

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