This is it! Axxios Technology SA. enters official partnership with Snipptec.
Axxios was a long-standing competitor of Snipptec in the market of material optimization. After personal talks, both sides quickly realized that a joint cooperation could better meet customer needs. Therefore, Axxios will expand the distribution of Snipptec products in the regions of Western Switzerland, France and Spain with immediate effect. As an experienced company in the field of material optimization it will be a strong partner at our side. At the beginning Axxios will be supported by Manfred Zaisberger (Liechtenstein).
The realization that our products offer a multitude of greater possibilities than the products Axxios has been using so far was demonstrated at the end of last year by the presentation of Prof. Dr. Ralph Pütz at the Motorsport World Exhibition in Cologne. There, Prof. Pütz spoke about the great influence of the aerodynamic changes caused by the Snipptec technology and its fields of application.
The expansion enables us as a company to conquer completely new markets and also customers in the future.
We are looking forward to a long lasting, cooperative partnership with Axxios Technologie SA. The company is represented by the two founders Jacques-Alain and Isabelle Lehmann. Further information is available at https://axxios-tech.com.

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