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Gesnippt– Successful Roar test at Daytona with a new GT3R for Frikadelli Racing

Successful baptism of fire: On Sunday, Frikadelli Racing finished the „Roar before 24“ in Daytona in a very positive mood - but the three test days proved themselve to be very hard for the crew. More fine tuning in the last sessions showed further progress for our car. All drivers now feel very comfortable with the new Porsche 911 GT3 R, which didn’t get a single scratch. And the lap times seem to be very competitive …


Cooperation between Rinaldi Racing and SNIPPTEC

Rinaldi Racing, headquartered in Mendig and SNIPPTEC will cooperate in the Blanc Paint Series from the season 2016. Last week, final details were discussed. The specialist for Ferrari and Porsche racing cars is represented in the Blanc Paint Sprint and Endurance racing series with some vehicles. In addition, the start at the 24h race at the Nürburgring and in Spa are planned. In addition to the use of racing cars Rinaldi Racing also specializes in the revision of engines, transmissions and chassis optimization. We look forward to a common successful year 2016! Photo: Rinaldi Racing


Gesnippt – AC Schnitzer in coorperation with SNIPPTEC pulverized BMW lap record

The first joint project of AC Schnitzer and SNIPPTEC leads to success. Thus voted Manfred Wollgarten (AC Schnitzer, line art) and Peter Kruse (SNIPPTEC) AC Schnitzer BMW M4 together from order then to present the car to test on the Hockenheimring. Quote sport auto (11/2015):
"... blessed this M4 with razor-sharp relent and stable accelerating - understeer and oversteer are then absolute foreign words."
"With a lap time of 1.09,2 minutes of AC Schnitzer M4 pulverized not only the lap time of the production model, but crowns are also the fastest BMW of all time in the sport auto test Not only that. The Schnitzer-M4 plays suddenly in a league with the Superleggera LP570-4 Lamborghini Gallardo (1.09,2min), the new Audi R8 V10 Plus (1.09,4min) and the Porsche 991 GT3 (1.09,6min) with. " The complete article (German)


Gesnippt – Frikadelli loses the Speed Trophy in the final race without a figh

The final race in the Eifel was disappointing for the team from Barweiler. However, after a good qualification for the race (5th place), the car had to pit because of gearbox problems already in the second lap of the race.
The damage could not be repaired in an adequate time so that the Frikadelli team left the competition for the Speed Trophy without a fight this time.


Gesnippt – Red Bull Air Race: Matthias Dolderer flying distance record in Las Vegas

Matthias Dolderer flying distance record in Las Vegas. But in the final run Matthias flew more conservative due to the difficult weather conditions. This was still enough for the podium at the weekend and 5th place in the overall standings of the World Cup! Meanwhile other teams register that the combiniation of good pilot and optimized aircraft is certainly a contender for the victory of the World Cup for the future. Photo: © Matthias Dolderer


Gesnippt – VLN 07: Fastest Round for Frikadelli

This past weekend, Frikadelli was able to show, at least in the first stint, what they can do. With the new Tyre Converter we could make up for some of the performance lost in the last race. The lost pace this year of Frikadelli is largely due to the current speed limit on the Nordschleife. The top speed was one of their strengths in the past year.

Patrick Huisman managed the car on position number 1 to pass lying on Sabine Schmitz. Then, however, many small things lined up against each other and meant that it did not make the team around Klaus Abbelen finally up to the podium. Here could hide little about the missed podium the fastest race lap.


Gesnippt – VLN 07: "Peng" (Philipp Eng) missed victory on Black Falcon Porsche

Philipp Eng and Gerwin were a long time in the lead and fought hard with the Manthey Porsche in the SP7 class for the win. In the last round of the Gerwin-Porsche had to box for unknown reason and missed the race win. The next VLN race we will test another SNIPPTEC products on Gerwin-Porsche. Let's see how far we can still improve the performance of the Porsche.


… and this is what the "Chassis Pope" says about SNIPPTEC

Manfred Wollgarten, Technischer Leiter AC Schnitzer

As part of our BMW M4 project the company Snipptec was invited by AC Schnitzer. This should prove the BMW M4 and in several planned trials show what they can. After an input drive in its original state the first components were installed on the tires, wheels and chassis. Quick, there was a marked change in vehicle dynamics in curves. The stability and controllability of the vehicle increased considerably. Also, the higher grip in the corners was very noticeable. Following even the engine has been modified. Exceptional was the increase in torque in the lower and especially in the upper speed range. The result showed afterwards in the test with the magazine Sport Auto on the small track in Hockenheim. Here you could drive a new BMW tuner AC Schnitzer lap record. With a new lap record could clearly distance itself from the competition in this test.


Gesnippt – VLN: Superior victory in the SP7 class for Gerwin & Metzger

The "Gerwin“-Porsche with the pilots Gerwin/Metzger won superior the 6-hour race at the Nürburgring. After even the aerodynamics have been modified on the vehicle of SNIPPTEC on Friday, the pilots were up significantly on speed. With a fastest lap of 8: 21.496 they were nearly 6 seconds faster than the runner-up of the SP7 class. Only the Krähling-Porsche, also modified by SNIPPTEC, could follow. However, this only partially gesnippten vehicle was missing already 11 seconds in the fastest race lap.


Gesnippt – VLN: Dream of class victory ends for GetSpeed shortly before the finish

Reinforced by the 24h Nürburgring-winner Christopher Mies the GetSpeed-Porsche had gone around the regular drivers Adam and Steve Jans Osieka in the fifth round of the VLN. Tough competition waiting in the class of the Porsche Carrera Cup cars on the trio and then the last run of the first VLN season half again developed into a true racing thriller.

Right from the start of GetSpeed-Porsche was with the starting number 101 in direct striking distance behind the leader. After starting driver turned onto Mies directly behind the first placed in the box, Steve Jans and Adam had to do everything again Osieka to equalize the loss of time of continuing critical tank system. Finally stint again took Mies place and fought his way back into the rear of the leading competitors of RTR. All headed for the big showdown. Banned could watch the thrilling duel for the class win with exclusive images from the Nordschleife viewers of Vodafone live streams.

GetSpeed could take the lead, the victory was within reach. But the happy ending for the team from Meuspath industrial estate there was unfortunately not. In the last round the usually reliable Porsche GT3 Cup rolled out with technical problems - the premature end of the most exciting races of the year.

Already on Sunday, the mechanics started in the Performance Center in Meuspath with debugging the 991-Cupporsche. Until the next race on August 22, the team will be back in GetSpeed well sorted to attack again - the victory is needed!

©, Photo: Porsche


Gesnippt - VLN: Frikadelli on podium

Through a not optimal spilled qualifying it went this time only from grid position 8 into the race, but that could be compensated due clever strategy, a favorite pit stop, and not least by the driving skill of the trio. After only a few laps, the „fastest meatball in the world“ cavorted on overall 3 and thus once again on the podium. However, the unexpected end came already on lap 11, a short carelessness led to a ride in the green and a bumpy contact with the crash barriers. Although the wrecked vehicle drove even on three wheels to the box, but the damage was too strong to go again to the track.


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