After initially being sceptic about the system, I quickly understood which revolutionary invention this must be, if the promised results were even close to being achieved. During my visit to Lippstadt [location of SNIPPTEC] , the system was installed into my Volvo XC60. On my return drive, I felt like I was driving a totally different car.  A significantly improved reaction , measurably increased acceleration and a low fuel consumption convinced me that I made the right choice. After the SNIPPTEC system had achieved such noticeable improvements in my car, I simply had to test what the system would do in my truck. We conducted a test drive with a fully loaded 4 axle truck (44 ton Volvo). Afterwards the truck was equipped with the system. Measurements during the test drive and after the installation, and the new driving experience were impressive. Despite bad weather and traffic conditions (27 degrees Fahrenheit and snow showers, 5 additional stops), the board computer was able to measure fuel savings of 1.5l/100km. The noticeable increase in average speed from 50.6 km/h to 54.7 km/h (31.6m/h to 34.2m/h) despite the additional 5 stops, and the much quieter engine convinced us. The automatic gear system shifts smoother and less often. The overall noise level of the engine was noticeably reduced.

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