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Below we have a selection of testimonials from our customers. For the correctness and completeness, we assume no liability.

March Transporte, Rheinbach Oberdrees

Earlier this year we decided to equip our fleet with the SNIPPTEC system.
The decision was due taking a test drive, when we have seen the promised property change of SNIPPTEC system.
The test vehicle moved after the installation of SNIPPTEC system significantly better by, built on earlier torque and rolled considerably better. Since we use Dynafleet for evaluation of our fuels, we therefore have comparable data. It should be noted that our best rider who has previously driven consumption between 25 to 26l / 100 km already taking into account the degree of difficulty and charge, now in the month of consumption between 23 and 24l / 100 km runs. The inclusion of SNIPPTEC system in the Volvo-Online Shop reaffirms our decision.

Spedition Kakowski, Dortmund

SNIPPTEC was introduced to me by my diesel/oil supplier. The first practical driving tests convinced me, so I successfully insets the BlueShot quite some time. But the chassis converter has a lasting impression on me. Here I can see a reduction of at least 20% due to my long-standing record of tire wear. Also, the rolling resistance and ride comfort have (palpable) improved significantly.

Michael Linser, Managing Director Linser Industrie Service GmbH, St. Augustin

We are a medium sized company which specializes in the delivery of spare parts for civil engineering companies. One of our customers alerted us to the product “BlueShot”. After having tested “BlueShot” in-house with positive results, we have now decided to offer the product to all our customers. Our experiences so far are positive across the board and show fuel savings of more than 5%.

Lipps Mineralöle GmbH

We have been customers from the start after another company alerted us to this new technology. The change in driving dynamics and fuel savings demonstrated by SNIPPTEC convinced us. We have now equipped our entire fleet (cars and trucks) with the system.  In addition, we intend to utilize 70% of the [installed] SNIPPTEC system from retired vehicle in new vehicles.  The sustainability and high customer service quality of SNIPPTEC speaks for the company.

Thomas Jakstadt, Managing Director TOJA Nutzfahrzeuge/Partner for Renault and Volvo Trucks

After initially being sceptic about the system, I quickly understood which revolutionary invention this must be, if the promised results were even close to being achieved. During my visit to Lippstadt [location of SNIPPTEC] , the system was installed into my Volvo XC60. On my return drive, I felt like I was driving a totally different car.  A significantly improved reaction , measurably increased acceleration and a low fuel consumption convinced me that I made the right choice. After the SNIPPTEC system had achieved such noticeable improvements in my car, I simply had to test what the system would do in my truck. We conducted a test drive with a fully loaded 4 axle truck (44 ton Volvo). Afterwards the truck was equipped with the system. Measurements during the test drive and after the installation, and the new driving experience were impressive. Despite bad weather and traffic conditions (27 degrees Fahrenheit and snow showers, 5 additional stops), the board computer was able to measure fuel savings of 1.5l/100km. The noticeable increase in average speed from 50.6 km/h to 54.7 km/h (31.6m/h to 34.2m/h) despite the additional 5 stops, and the much quieter engine convinced us. The automatic gear system shifts smoother and less often. The overall noise level of the engine was noticeably reduced.

Company WIRES

We operate a large repair shop for commercial trucks and are associated with the manufacturer DAF. The terms truth, clarity and transparency guide all our actions towards our customers. Because of that, we would never offer or sell something of which we are not fully convinced. We tested BlueShot on a DAF FT XF 105.460 tractor trailer and already on the first meters noticed a significant improvement in the throttle response and pulling power. The subsequent measurement s with a diagnostic computer confirmed the higher efficiency in the combustion. The fuel amount we measured in neutral gear was reduced from 10.2 mg/Hub to 9.0 mg/Hub. This is the equivalent of 10% in fuel savings. So we can already confirm that fuel savings and improved driving performance are noticeable and measurable.

Michael Brumberg, Owner Rollladenbau Suckel, Brilon

In September of 2010 I heard through the company Witteler about a new system which apparently saves fuel in vehicles and heating systems. After a short test with SNIPPTEC, we installed the systems in two company vehicles and in one modern Viessman heating system. The results from the company vehicles were quickly available and convinced me. However, the results from the installation into the heating system are amazing. We compared the energy input at the flowmeter with the energy output (sum of all individual values at digital unit counters) before and after the installation of the system. We were able to measure a long term savings effect of 25%. Simply unbelievable, we were able to save almost 1,800 liters (475 gallons) of heating oil. For the first time ever, we were returning money to our tenants because their pre-payment was too high. This despite the fact that oil prices had increased. Ina addition, we have noticed that the burner no longer needs to be cleaned, apparently incineration is a lot cleaner.

Klaus Hentschel, Hentschel Transporte GmbH

We had heard about SNIPPTEC through our motorsports contacts. We initially equipped one of our race cars with the system. The outstanding results with regards to performance and fuel savings made this an interesting option for our truck fleet. We were able to achieve superior results in this area as well. Our entire fleet has been equipped with the SNIPPTEC system for about 3 years now, and by adding the new BlueShot, we are saving about 3l/100km in diesel fuel. That leaves the only comment: an outstanding product.

Hans-Jürgen Kempa, Meat wholesale, Unna-Königsborn

We have been using the SNIPPTEC system for over a year. Initially, we were rather skeptical about it. The first test drive after installing the system showed, that engine operation, sound level, especially of the cooling units, and engine pulling power were positively influenced. After our trucks (from Sprinter to Actros) and our Diesel cooling units were equipped with the system as well, we were able to measure fuel savings of 8%. Trips during the summer (fully loaded, with Diesel cooling units running non-stop) could be done with a fuel consumption of less than 20 liters per 100km. Overall, we are more than pleased with the results from installing the SNIPPTEC system.

Hubertus Lodes, Fleet Manager, Ebersdorf

Our first contact with this system came through the company Verpa for whom I was supposed to test a new fuel savings system. During this test I was able to measure a distinct change in the torque buildup of the test truck. I, as a driver coach, was able to save 1.5L/100km. The long term results of this system are outstanding.

Fuhrunternehmen Isenberg, Bad Arolsen

I was introduced to the SNIPPTEC system by an distribution company that was already a satisfied customer of Snipptec.  Based on his recommendation, a meeting with a SNIPPTEC representative was set up. I have to add that I was extremely suspicious about this “crazy thing”. “Inconceivable, this can’t be right” was my initial impression. I was wrong: quieter engine, much earlier maximum torque, quicker acceleration, which allows for earlier gear shifting. The fuel consumption of my truck is now on never before experienced [low] levels.

Hasenschar Transporte, Bad Arolsen

A Mercedes Benz dealer which uses the system himself, alerted me to SNIPPTEC. Since the system does not interfere with the engine mechanics and electronics, and its effects can be easily demonstrated in a simple test drive, I decided to set up a meeting with SNIPPTEC. I immediately realized that this system must indeed generate diesel fuel savings. On a test course with an incline, I was able to drive in 1 gear higher and I lost less speed. During each drive we used cruise control to assure constant conditions. I have now been using the system for 4 months across my truck fleet and am completely convinced. I save 3.5 liters/100km diesel, and pulling power increased significantly resulting in less gear shifting.

Joachim Aust, Fleet Manager, MeisterWerke Schulte GmbH, Meiste

I was first confronted with the system at the end of 2008 and was initially very skeptical. At this point, I had tested multiple fuel savings devices and none had met my expectations. The SNIPPTEC system, however, has convinced me: we consistently save about 2.5l/100km.

Markus Karrie, Managing Director Omnibus Karrie GmbH, Soest

8% fuel savings across the fleet, significantly improved reaction and much smoother vehicle operations completely convinced us with regards to the system.  The flexibility and professionalism of SNIPPTEC underscore their competence – were are more than enthusiastic.

Kapitän Gerald Karl, DDSG, Director Technik, Austria

Due to the constant increases in energy costs, we are always on the lookout for technical solutions to counterbalance this trend. There are many companies on the market that make grand promises on paper and don’t deliver, so our immediate question was “does this really work?” SNIPPTEC, represented by Mr. Andreas Gesslein and engineer Ferenc Zsengeller, convinced us not only with their impressive references and customer testimonials, to take this product seriously but demonstrated to me, the person in charge of the technical department in Linz, the capabilities of the system by installing it into my company car, a Mitsubishi Outlander Diesel. The change was immediate. The typical “Diesel knock” was gone. Despite the fact that my car was already well driven in, I have always had an issue with the acceleration, some “turbo lag” was present. The installation of the SNIPPTEC systems resulted in an immediate increase of torque at the lower rpm range. However, what excited me even more, was the improved engine elasticity and the much earlier throttle response of the engine, regardless of load level. I was able to test the system on my daily commute from the office to my home (27.2 km). I was able to reduce my fuel consumption consistently by 1 liter (from 8.5l/100km to 7.5l/100km). For me as a technician, the effects and results of this system, such as efficiency and economy are very real and noticeable.

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