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Gesnippt – New lap record with snipped Torro Rosso F1 car form 2006

In 2007 the official track record for formula cars at the TT Circuit during the Bavaria ChampCar World Series Grand Prix was set in 1:20.727 minutes.Already in qualifying for the BOSS GP event, Ingo Gerstl smashed the record by an incredible 1.9 seconds. However, only lap times set in an official race are valid for records.But the Austrian was determined to set a new best and eventually did. He lapped the TT Circuit in his snipped Toro Rosso F1 car in 1:19.371 minutes, clearly outpacing the previous top time.

Photo: Boss GP


Gesnippt - Dolderer destroyed lap record and increases championship lead

The 5th round of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship went very well for MD21 this weekend. In Ascot, GB, Matthias Dolderer was again able to dominate his competitors with his Snipptec modified plane.

During the qualifying Matthias was the fastest man on the track. How fast he really can fly with his gesnippt plane was demonstrated by him in the round of the last eight pilots (round of 8). With a time of 1:03.266 Matthias destroyed the lap record from last year! In the round of the final 4 MD21 conceded victory then to his friend Matt Hall from Australia. Since his direct competitors had goofed up in the round of the final 4, Dolderer took just a safety lap to extend his lead in the World Cup.

The next race will take place in two weeks at the Lausitzring.



Gesnippt – First victory for Snipptec with F1 car

After Snipptec was able to demonstrate improvements with the F1 car, the system was used at the STR1 in a race
For this weekend only parts of the Snipptec System were used to balance the vehicle and improve the mechanical grip of the F1 race car.

In a tight duel with his strongest competitor, Ingo Gerstl could prevail the weekend from the pole position throughout the two sprint races.

In a further cooperation the future optimization of the F1 race car with the Snipptec system will be fathom out.


Gesnippt – Rinaldi Racing: Winners’ podium at the 24 hour race in Spa

Last week the first highlight of the Blancpain GT Series took place: the 24 Hours of Spa. At this classic race in the Ardennes Rinaldi Racing participated with the Snipptec modified Ferrari 488 GT3 in the AM class. Pierre Ehret, Rinat Salikov, alexander Mattschull and Marco Seefried were used as race drivers.

Rinaldi Racing started the 69. edition of the 24 Hours from Spa from the 4. position in dry conditions. The team used Marco Seefried as the first driver. But already in the first lap misfortune struck the team. Another vehicle hit the green Ferrari into the back and threw him into the gravel. The Ferrari had to be towed out of the gravel. With a puncture he had to be hauled back to the pit. Up to this point the team was 4 laps behind. Now the catching up began from the last place.

With constant and above all fast lap times Rinaldi Racing achieved the third place in the AM class. After 506 laps and 25 pit stops this resulted in a 36 place in the overall standing.

The next event for Rinaldi Racing is the Blancpain Sprint Series in Budapest from 26th to 28th August.
More information can be found at the Blancpain GT Series


Gesnippt – Unstoppable Dolderer in Budapest Red Bull Air Race

On a shortened race day, the German reached for the second time in this
Season the top position.
Matthias Dolderer achieved in Budapest the second win of the season. One again Matthias, and his with Snipptec modified plane, was able to show his qualities. Because of the race stop after the final 8 this time only the fastest lap times counted. Once again with the fastest plane the other competitors had no chance. Only Hanes Arch was able to achieve a time close to MD 21 (0.3 seconds slower).
You will find the final results of the race in Budapest on the Red Bull Air Race page:


Gesnippt  – Dolderer is by far the fastest rider until ...

After his opening victory at Spielberg, Matthias Dolderer flew last weekend in Chiba, Japan. Again he reached the final 8 and had to compete directly against the fastest man of the weekend Yoshihide Muroya. In his run Yoshi achieved a best time for the weekend and set the bar high for Matthias! Until the second split time (half race distance) Matthias led the race already with more than 0.7 seconds, until he threw himself out of the race by mistake. Again it was clearly visible that the “snippted” plain was the fastest one on the track!
Despite the elimination from the race Matthias was able to use the remaining 3 points to expand his lead in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. The next race will take place on 16./17. July in Budapest.
The video


SNIPPTEC participates in the Step1 project

During the Bilster-Berg-Owners-Club event in April Michael Kerber, project initiator, came in contact with the company SNIPPTEC. There Sven Barth (race driver ADAC GT Masters) was testing the Step 1 car. After the team noticed during the initial test a significant change, it was agreed to start a cooperation for the step 1 project.The Step 1 Project (Sport Prototype Team Engineering Project-1) is an association of about 40 companies that have set the goal to build a sports prototype (class E2/SC) at cutting edge technology. The company SNIPPTEC supports this project to gain ground in the manufacturing and trade business. In addition, the company SNIPPTEC has the same passion for racing like Michael Kerber, whose main occupation is to develop chassis at the Quattro GmbH.

More information about the project can be found here:
For more information on the test on the Bilster-Berg-Owners-Club event on the April 9th, 2016 please click here:


Gesnippt – Micha Vogt in TV

Micha Vogt, Race Antz, started last weekend at the "HotWheelz drag racing" in Hidelsheim against the Germany-wide top competition. A total of 150 fast cars took part in this weekend. Micha Vogt is part of the European drag racing elite and was accompanied by RTL (German TV) on the whole weekend! Thees Jagels is the person who knows what is important at drag racing. He has accompanied Micha.
Watch the report


Gesnippt - Benny Leuchter at Sachsenring on position 2

Due to the challenging track it was not easy to find the right setup for the Racing Team One. Understanding the relationships between the Snipptec suspension system and the classic chassis adjustments was not easy on this very special track with 7 consecutive left turns.

Benjamin Leuchter (second place, Racing One): “Today was sensational. We had the whole weekend difficulties have quarreled with ourself. We seem to have thought with regard to the set-up in the wrong direction. But a strong team distinguish itself in coming back stronger. That is what happened today and we're just happy. The team did a brilliant job overnight! Compliment! I'm really proud that we have such a cool team and managed it to modify the car in the right direction.”

Here you can finde the race-video


Gesnippt – Matthias Dolderer achieves with SNIPPTEC first World Cup victory!

This past weekend the second round of the World Cup of the Red Bull Air Race took place in Spielberg. Under difficult weather conditions MD21 showed during the free practice session his good performance and was thus able to confirm his achievements from the first race in Abu Dhabi.
But then Matthias was stopped by a technical problem, so that he had to skip the following two sessions.
On the technically demanding circuit Matthias shortfall did not help to get ready for the race of the "Round of 14". The best pilots of the world showed their class with closely spaced lap times. In the finale a well-prepared and fast plane (fastest aircraft on the track) and a 100% focused Matthias showed his world class. With a lap time of 0:56,996 he was the fastest in the competition. In the following press conference Matthias talked about his “secret” of his extraordinary speed. Asked by a journalist (minute 18:20) about the reason of his remarkable speed, Matthias Dolderer just answered with “A secret!” A few sentences later (minute 19:10) Matthias explained further with the following words: “… and if I would tell you all my secrets than maybe the other ones would come a little closer.”

Here you find the link to the official press conference


Gesnippt – ADAC TCR Germany: Benjamin Leuchter shows outstanding performance with his SNIPPTEC modified VW GOLF (13)

The good impressions Benny Leuchter showed during the test days last week were impressively confirmed during the free practice session. His fastest lap of 1:35:868 minutes was also the fastest time in the first two free practice sessions of the new touring car series of the ADAC. A tightly packed field of international top drivers made it difficult to achieve an advantage in the series. After a long lead in the race a small driving mistake by Benny was exploited by J. Files (GB) who finished successfully an overtaking maneuver. In the end he finished second in race one. What a great result! In race two Benny started form position 8 but was able to finish the race in the 4th place on a track where it is difficult to overtake. With only 3.8 seconds behind the 1st place, the finish was extremely tight. In both races, the potential of the car was visible in the fastest theoretical best lap time respectively.

Here you can watch the first and second race of the weekend:


Gesnippt – Season starts with championship points for Rinaldi Racing

At the start of the new season in Misano, Rinaldi Racing emphasized its ambitions with a strong performance. The start of the Blancpain Sprint Series season saw the team make its mark in both races, having started from third on the grid. In both, the qualifying and main races, the team came in sixth and secured important championship points.

After qualifying third, Marco Seefried and Norbert Siedler proceeded on to an eventful qualifying race on Saturday evening. Right from the start, Siedler fought an enthralling battle with his competitors for podium positions. After half of the race, the Austrian passed on the Ferrari lying third, to Marco Seefried. Unfortunately, an accident immediately after the driver change meant “Full Course Yellow” and the duo lost valuable time and fell back into sixth place. Teams which had not yet stopped at this time were able to pass the Rinaldi-Ferrari. “That was rather tough luck for us. A podium position was within reach, because the car was working perfectly”, Norbert Siedler explained.

In the main race, which was held on Sunday afternoon, Marco Seefried and Norbert Siedler showed another great performance and repeated their sixth place. Team Principal Michele Rinaldi saw positive progress after this weekend's action: ”We can be satisfied with the Misano race. Third out of 39 cars on the grid proves our potential. We would also have been fast enough for a podium finish, but when you look at the race’s immense performance density, both sixth places are a wonderful success for the team”, Rinaldi summed up.

Christian Hook and Steve Parrow got off to a spectacular start in their debut in the Blancpain Sprint Series. The pair secured a class victory in the first AM Cup race. Despite difficult conditions, both drivers performed impressively in the Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 and secured a well-earned first place in the Gentlemen-Drivers classification.

After the Blancpain Sprint Series season’s start in Misano, Rinaldi Racing will soon be taking part in the next race in Italy. From 23rd -24th April, the team from Mendig is at the start of the first race of the Blancpain Endurance Series on the high-speed Monza circuit.


Gesnippt – Test debut for the new ADAC TCR Germany

This premiere makes you want more: The race drivers of the ADAC TCR Germany drove their first kilometers during the start of the test days for the new season in the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben. In two one-hour training sessions the drivers of the new touring car series had the chance to drive for the first time against the clock

The fastest time of the day managed Benjamin Chandelier (Racing One) with his Snipptec modified VW Golf GTI TCR! Completely satisfied with the performance he is now looking forward to the ADAC GT Masters in Oschersleben on April 15.


Gesnippt – Cooperation Racing One with SNIPPTEC

The new cooperation of Racing One and SNIPPTEC bays off. The Ferrari 458, which has been modified with the SNIPPTEC System, was the superior car in the VLN championship SP8 class. In qualifying the Ferrari managed the pole position even in heavy traffic with a lap time of 8.51,404 minutes in the SP8 class.

The race was the expected start-finish victory. The three drivers of the Ferrari 458 showed a perfect performance, leaving the competition without a chance. Martin Kohlhaas: "The drivers made no mistakes, the Ferrari went really well and from start to finish we had not a single problem." The Ferrari managed to achieve the fastest lap with 8.42,409 minutes, 20 seconds faster than the second fastest race car in its class.


Gesnippt – Matthias Dolderer just missed the victory

Last weekend Matthias Dolderer flew in Abu Dhabi at the RedBull Air Race and missed the first place only marginally.
He finished second with only 0.110 seconds behind his French rival Nicolas Ivanoff.

Based on various analyzes during the race it was obvious that the plane of Matthias Dolderer was again the fastest in the race.
Parts of the SNIPPTEC System can be identified by the silber stripes on the front part of the wings


Gesnippt – First winter test for Rinaldi Racing in Paul Ricard

During the 9th/10th March the Rinaldi Racing Team performed their first test days on the French Circuit Paul Ricard. SNIPPTEC joined Rinaldi to assist in process of finding a good setup for the Ferrari 458 GT3. For the drivers Marco Seefried and Norbert Siedler it was a good opportunity to enthusiastically test the SNIPPTEC System for the first time.
Please read the full report about the Rinaldi Racing Team.


Sabine Schmitz as co-commentator of “TopGear"

Top racing driver Sabine Schmitz, R&D driver of SNIPPTEC, is expanding her area of responsibility. She is going to act as a co-commentator of “TopGear” the successful English television show with Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc. Shooting for this TV series is under way. We wish Sabine for this project all the best. © Photo: BBC

Below you will see the on-board video of her race car Porsche 911 GT3 R which is equipped with the Snipptec system. Sabine outclasses the competition at will. She starts the race from the last position with slicks (like all the other vehicles) under mixed track conditions. The video shows clearly the advantages of the Snipptec system, a superior wheel grip.


Cooperation between SNIPPTEC GmbH & Co. KG and Gerd Habermann Racing in 2016

In 2016 Snipptec expands its activities in the field of motor sport.

The motor sport area around Dragster Racing offers for the company SNIPPTEC further development potential and especially a new challenge. The company SNIPPTEC deliberately chose a cooperation with Gerd Habertmann Racing who has a lot of success and experience in this field.

This combination will lead to new innovations for the company SNIPPTEC. We are looking forward to this cooperation!


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